Ptfe Gasket
Ptfe Gasket


Tenglong PTFE gaskets are made from PTFE which integrates additives and fillers in order to improve the performance of the gasket. This improves the gaskets ability to wear and enhances its unique combination of chemical, physical and electrical properties.

.Chemical resistance

PTFE Property

Bitmap/Bitmap PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
English Metirc
Tensile strength 1,500-3,000psi 103-206bar
Flexural modulus 72,000psi 4964bar
Izod Impact Notched 3.5ft-lbs/in 7KJ/m2
Heat Deflection Temperature at 66 psi 250℉ 120
Continuous Temperature Maximum 500 260
Water Absorption Immersion 24 hours <0.01%
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 8.9in/in/ºFx10-5
Coefficient of Friction Dynamic 0.1

Bitmap/Bitmap PTFE Gasket
English Metric
Thickness 0.06-0.2inch 1.5-5mm
Diameter 0.8-15inch 20-400mm
Temperature Resistance 600°F 315°C
Operating Pressure 3000psi 200bar
Dielectric Breakdown 406 V/mil 16 KV/mm
Volume Resistivity 1.0 x 105 ohm-cm
Creep Relaxation 30%
Compressibility 57%

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