Fep O Ring
Fep O Ring


SUNPASS® perfluor elastomers offer universal resistance to chemicals at high pressures and temperatures, even in the most aggressive process media.
The sealing systems satisfy the most stringent standards for purity and traceability of the materials used.
The material and size is oppitional, FFKM, FKM, EPDM and others. We can produce according to your requirments.

FEP o ring can be used in mechanical sealing, pressure vessel, gas compressor, reaction vessel, heatexchanger, boiler, filter and so on.

Material Properties:
1. Universal resistance to chemicals
2. Broad temperature application range from –20°C to +320°C
3. Excellent hot water and steam resistance
4. Lower compression set
5. Complete FDA compliance
6. Good price-performance ratio
7. Long service life

Application Data:
Material Temp. (min) Temp. (max)
FFKM –15°C +320°C
FKM –20°C +250°C
EPDM –15°C +200°C
Remark: Other material is also available.

Package(Per Spool):
Other packages are available on request

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