Asbestos Reinforced Composite Sheet
Asbestos Reinforced Composite Sheet


General Description:
TENGLONG  asbestos reinforced composite sheet has excellent performance in dilatability, sealing equality and long life etc...Mainly applied in automobile farming Machine, motorcycle, engineering, water pump and air-condition etc., it is also can be used in high strength gaskets and cylinder gaskets etc.
Standard Size: 500x1000MM, 500x1200MM, 1000x1200MM, 1000x1000MM
Color: Grey, Black

Technical Datas:
Property Value
Density 1.40g/cm3 Min (2.0g/cm3~2.60g/cm3)
Compressibility 8%--12%
Recovery 45% Min
Thickness increase 10-15%
Weight increase 10% Max
Loss on ignition 24%(850C--1h)

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