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High Quality Of Flange Gasket From Sunpass Was Exported To Germany

High Quality Of Flange Gasket From Sunpass Was Exported To Germany

General Description:
SUNPASS CNAF/PTFE gaskets for tank container applications combine the chemical inertness and hygienic qualities of 100% virgin PTFE with the mechanical properties of the compressed non asbestos fiber sheet.

These gaskets are designed for flanged joints handling aggressive fluid media that would swiftly destory the integrity of other mateiral and for duties with foodstuffs where cleanliness and non-contamination are essential

Service Capabilities:
Tank working pressure: 4.4bar
Esaily meets tank test pressure: 6.0bar
Maximum temperature: 250℃

Technical Datas:





Flat Gasket for Grav Disch

Round, flat,CNAF/PTFE,Int Dia 114mm, Ext Dia 200mm, 2.5mm thick, drilling 8X14/PCD 178mm


Flat Seal

Joint Plat Dia 90x75.5 e 2.5(A)


Flat Gasket 3" Outlet Spigot

Square CNAF/PTFE gasket 144X144.4X18. Holes/PCD 160mm, Internal Diam. 90mm


Flat Gasket with Casing PTFE

Ext Dia 176mm Int Dia 82mm-4Sloted holesX18 on min PCD 145mm for flanged SRV




SUNPASSSINCE 2000, leading manufactory, developer, and supplier of quality ISO tank container spare parts, including manlid PTFE Braided seal, super tank seal, manlid clamp, PTFE flange gasket, CNAF/PTFE gaskets, O ring, dust cap, glange, flame gauze, one way ball, thermometer, pressure gauges, documents holder, data plate, walk way, and so on.

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