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High Quality Of Flexible Graphite Paper From Sunpass Was Exported To Malaysia

High Quality Of Flexible Graphite Paper From Sunpass Was Exported To Malaysia

Tenglong graphite paper is made from exfoliated graphite flake and produced through an extensicve calendaring process to give a thin flexible paper with no binder or resins. Because of the excellent properties such as thermal stability, high and low temperature resistance, impermeability and corrosion resistanbce, etc. The product is widely used in fields of industrial sealing, heating elements for high temperature applications and insulation shields.


·Heat and flame resistant
·Low creep relaxation and no aging
·Flexible and conformable nature
·Chemical resistant, compatible with most chemicals
·Electrical conductive


Property Description Data
Carbon Content(Purity) - 99%
Thickness English 0-0.135in
Metric ≤±HX7%, 0-4.5mm
Density English 43-81lb/ft3
Metric ≤±0.07g/cm³, 0.7-1.3g/cm
Material Nature Graphite -
Working Temperature English -40 to +752
Metric -40 to +400
Tensile Strength - ≥4.0 MPa
Thermal Conductivity Through Thickness  36 (5 W/m.K)
Parallel to Surface 960 (140 W/m.K)
pH Range 1-14 -
Compressibility 35%-55%
Recovery ≥9%
Ash Content  ≤1.0%
TAG(450) ≤1.0%
Total Sulphur Content  ≤500ppm
Max Temp. Oxyd Atmosphere  650° C 
Max Temp. Non oxyd Atmosphere  3000
Chloride content  < 25 ppm 
Inhibitor (against oxidation)  with anorganic
Iron content  < 1800 ppm 
Leachable Sulphur  < 200ppm  

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